The Sig Sauer P229 is a compact version of the Sig Sauer P226 gun.  The Sig Sauer P229 gun is very popular for back up guns and concealed guns in the law enforcement industry.  Check out Police Equipment Reviews Sig Sauer P229 review for more information on one of the best police guns!

Police officers have two common choices for back up weapons: the Glock 27 and the Sig P229.  This Sig Sauer P229 review by Police Equipment Reviews will discuss the Sig Sauer P229 gun in depth.  Too recap, the Sig P229 is the compact version of the Sig Sauer P226.  The P229 comes equipped with the double action/single action trigger but can be outfitted with the DAO system.  The DAO system provides two trigger reset points, and a lighter, smoother trigger pull. Most of all, the DAO system creates a very accurate firearm.
Sig Sauer P229The P229 comes in twelve variations.  Those variations are the following:

P229- The Sig Sauer P229 is available in 9mm, .357, and .40 caliber.  This is the most common P229 model carried by law enforcement officers.

P229 Elite- The Sig Sauer P229 Elite features an ergonomic grip, front cocking serrations, night sites, and a custom wood grip.  The Sig P229 Elite has a 60% shorter trigger pull that the standard P229 guns. Therefore, some shooters feel it is more accurate.

Elite Dark- The Sig Sauer P229 Elite Dark has the same features as P229. However, the Elite is all black.

P229 Equinox- The Sig Sauer P229 Equinox is a.40 caliber Sig Sauer pistol with a two tone color. In addition, this gun has gray laminated wood grips.

P229 Elite Stainless- The Sig Sauer P229 Elite Stainless comes as a 9mm or 40 caliber handgun.  Featuring a stainless steel slide and a wood grip, this Sig P229 gun is nice to look at. However, it is also nice to shoot!

P229 SAS generation 2- Available in three calibers, the P229 SAS generation 2 features a melt treatment on the slide and frame, SRT trigger system, short trigger, night sights, and black polymer grips.

P229 Two Tone- Perhaps the second most popular Sig P229, the two tone version features a black and silver color tone. Because of the two tone, people buy this gun often.

P229 SCT- The Sig P229 SCT features from cocking serrations, night sites, and four magazines.  The P229 SCT is available in 9mm and 40 caliber.

Sig Sauer P229 Sig Sauer P229 Review


Sig Sauer P229 SAS generation 2 two tone- The Sig P229 SAS has gone through a major overhaul which resulted in an ultra smooth, snag free profile.  Available in three calibers, the P229 SAS generation 2 two tone is a great concealment gun. Furthermore, this gun is not too expensive for a backup weapon!

Sig P229 DAK- HSI and US Coast Guard choose the  DAK as their department issued handguns. As a result of some many rounds being tested in this version, any Sig Sauer P229 review you will read talk about how about durable it is.

Sig P229 Platinum Elite- Perhaps one of the nicest P229 models.The  P229 Platinum Elite features an ergonomic beavertail grip, front cocking serrations, front strap checkering, night sights, aluminum grips, and the all new Short Reset Trigger (SRT).

Sig P229 Classic 22- Featuring the four point safety system, the Sig P229 Classic 22 is a rimfire pistol.

Sig Sauer P229 Review


As you can see you have a lot of choices when it comes to this Sig gun. Find out why HSI makes it their duty weapon and head to your local range to test it out! In conclusion, the next time you are looking for one of the best compact handguns make sure you take a look at the Sig Sauer P229 gun.