The Glock 26 is considered one of the baby Glocks because it is a sub compact 9mm Glock pistol. The Glock 26 is a smaller version of the Glock 17. In this Glock 26 review Few are going to talk about all the 26 features, the benefits of carrying a 26, and the Glock 26 prices!

Glock 26 pricesAs mentioned in the above paragraph, the 26 is a subcompact 9mm pistol. Before we talk about the Glock 26 prices, lets talk about the gun itself. It is the smallest of the Glock 9mm handguns and one of the most popular police guns when it comes to back up or off duty weapons. In fact, this Baby Glock has been one of the most popular Glock pistols since its inception in 1984. The Glock was designed along with all the other Baby Glocks as an alternative to snub nose pistols that officers had been carrying. With the 26 police officers can still carry a small pistol and have full confidence that the weapon they are carrying will stop the threat.

Glock 26The Glock 26 features many of the same qualities that all the other Glock pistols have that make them some of the best police guns. The Glock 26 features the safe action system, lightweight frame, and very accurate design. Below you will find all the key features of this back up police gun.

Caliber: 9mm
Unloaded weight: 615 grams
Loaded weight: 740 grams
Length: 6.41 inches
Barrel length: 3.42 inches
Height: 4.17 inches
Barrel height: 1.26 inches
Trigger pull: 5.5 lbs
Barrel rifling: right hand, hexagonal
Magazine capacity: 10

The new Glock 26 4th generation features a new recoil spring assembly. Additionally, it has a reversible magazine catch that can be changed out in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, it has the award winning Glock textured frame technology.

Glock 26 Review


Police Equipment Reviews has shot the Glock 26 several times. Just like all the other Glock pistols, we like the 26. It is very accurate and reliable. When we compared the 26 to the Glock 27 we didn’t notice any difference. The kick back between the two different calibers was very minimal and not even an issue. The only thing that is important when choosing one of the baby Glocks is to make sure you match the caliber to your full size Glock duty weapon. The reason this is important is because you are able to put a full size magazine into the baby Glocks should you ever need to. So if you carry a Glock 17 then you would get a 26 because they are both 9mm pistols.

Glock 26 reviewThere are a few accessories that you can get on the Glock 26 and those accessories are very minor ones. You are not able to put a tactical light on the 26 because it does not have rails. Police Equipment Reviews always recommending putting on an aftermarket grip like a Hogue grip to obtain a comfortable grip. The grip of the Glocks are a little slippery when your hands get moist. The Hogue grip allows you to maintain a good grip on it. Another key accessory is the grip extender. This is a small extension that fits in the butt of the Glock 26 grip that extends the grip a little bit allowing for you to get more of your hand on the grip.

Glock 26 Prices


The following are Glock 26 prices in California:

Fixed sites: $440.00
Glock sites: $500.00
Trijicon sites: $520.00

The Glock 26 prices vary by town, so it may be a little different in your area.

Overall, We like the 26 and highly recommends it for anybody looking for a subcompact 9mm pistol. Now that you have read this Glock 26 review, head down to the local range and test one of the best police guns out!