Danner has been manufacturing boots since 1932. Danner police boots are some of the most worn police boots today. In addition to making some of the best police boots, Danner manufacturers boots for industrial jobs, military, and hunting.
Read this Danner police boots review for a ton of information on these boots!

Danner police boots reviewFounded in 1932, Danner boots is currently based out of Oregon. Their first store had five employees and manufactured handcrafted work boots that sold for less than four dollars. Seeing a need to expand, Danner moved to Oregon in 1936 to start competing in the logger boat industry. Their logger boot was what started the tradition of fine crafted boots. Time to move onto their boots in this Danner police boots review!

Over time, Danner has manufactured numerous styles of boots. They currently specialize in police boots, military boots, industrial boots, hunting and outdoor boots. All of their boots are available with numerous options and available in numerous styles. Consequently, these boots are very popular among a lot of people.

The Danner police boots are available in a few different product lines, but the Danner Tactical police boot and the Danner Duty police boot are popular. These boots are also available in as an insulated boot or an uninsulated boot. These were the original boots in our first Danner police boots review.

Within the Danner Tactical police boot product line there are several different styles. The boots range in size from 4”, 6”, or 8”. The Tactical police boots have full grain leather uppers or nylon uppers in addition to being offered with a Gore Tex lining for the ultimate in comfort, breathable waterproof protection. Danner offers a side zip option to allow the wearer to put on or take off quicker. The Danner Tactical police boots range in price from $110.00 to $210.00.

As with the Danner Tactical police boots, the Danner Duty police boots are available in several different styles. They are available in 6”, 8”, or 10”. Featuring full grain leather uppers or nylon uppers, the Duty police boots are also offered with a Gore Tex lining. This provides the ultimate in comfort and breathable waterproof protection. Danner offers a side zip option also on these boots. The Danner Duty police boots range in price from $225.00 to $325.00.

Danner Police Boots Review


The new Danner Tachyon and Danner Striker Torrent are extremely popular. Marketed as a boot first, a sneaker second, the Danner Tachyon boots are amazing!

The Danner Tachyon features a full rubber outsole, Gore Tex, and built like a sneaker for comfort! Because they feature Gore Tex, your feet will always stay dry! These amazing Danner Tachyon boots cost between $140.00 and $150.00.

Danner police bootsThe Danner Striker Torrent are the top of the line!  Most importantly they offer amazing support. Resulting in all day comfort with no limitations on the durability. The Danner Striker Torrent are available in police boots ranging from 4.5” to 8” with side zippers. The Danner Striker Torrent range in price from $180.00 to $220.00.

It is only fitting that Danner makes some of the best hunting and outdoor boots since that is where Danner began. In addition, the hunting boots are available in snake boots, big game hunting boots, and bird hunting boots. The outdoor boots are available in cross hiking styles, all terrain styles, and everyday wear styles. As a result of the same manufacture process, these boots are very comfortable.

Danner Boots


The Danner Industrial work boots are available in protective toe or plain toe styles.  As a result of the added protection, these boots can cost a little bit more. The boots range in price from $125.00 to $405.00. Just like a Danner police boots review, the Danner Industrial boots are always getting high remarks.

Especially relevant is that Danner offers a nice warranty for all their boots should something go wrong with them. Even though you will pay a little more for the Danner police boots, you can be sure that you are getting a first class police boot that is worth every penny. There is a reason why all the Danner police boot review rave about them. They offer quality products and are very comfortable.