Taser International products are one of most popular pieces of police equipment these days. Used everyday by police officers, military, and correctional officers to protect themselves and the public. What started off as just a taser company, Taser is now producing much more including the popular Taser body worn cameras. In this Taser review, we are going to talk about the company’s history and their products including the Taser X26 and Taser X2 smart weapons.

Founded in September 1993, Taser International has continued to grow since then. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, Taser is a proud US company. Taser has long since dedicated them to making the world safer. That started with their tasers and now their body cameras. To show they are even taking it a step further, they are now calling some of their products smart weapons.

The two most common smart weapons that Taser International manufactures for law enforcement are the Taser X2 and the Taser X26. Below in this Taser review we are going to talk about those two smart weapons.

Taser X26

Taser X26The Taser X26 is the premier law enforcement taser. It is the smallest and most compact taser they make. Thus, very easy for police officers to carry on their duty belt.  The Taser X26 uses a replaceable Taser cartridge. The cartridge contains a compressed nitrogen propulsion system that deploys two small probes which are attached to the Taser X26 by insulated wires. With a maximum deployment distance of 35 feet, the Taser X26 can easily remove an officer from an unsafe incident. After a taser deployment, all you have to do is hook your Taser X26 up to a computer and use the pre installed software to get the needed information. With an integrated laser sight and low intensity lights built into the Taser X26, hitting your target will be no problem.

Taser X2 


Taser X26With a lot of help from law enforcement, Taser was able to create their newest smart weapon, the Taser X2. The Taser X2 features a dual laser system, warning arc, and backup shot system. The backup shot system is great as you don’t have to reload a second cartridge if needed. The X2 already has one ready to go. The dual lasers allow you to be even more accurate. The warning arc is great as you activate this and let people know you are serious without having to fully deploy this smart weapon.

With all the shootings go on in today’s world, Taser has stepped up and really defined the body worn camera industry. The Taser AXON (Autonomous eXtended On-Officer Network) is a tactical net workable computer that combines advanced audio-video record/capture capabilities with tactical communications. It is designed to be worn by first responders such as law enforcement, corrections officers, and fire fighters. The state of the art audio-video earpiece with imager, speaker and microphone integrates into the communications loop between existing radios and the communications headset, recording video of critical incidents from the visual perspective of the officer.

Taser Body Worn Cameras


There are two main Taser body worn cameras offered; the Taser Axon Body 2 and Taser Flex.

The Taser Flex is an adaptive point of view camera system. Due to it’s size it can easily be mounted in numerous areas. Such as a shirt button, eyewear, helmet, or cap. It has a 30 second buffer and easy activation button. At only .8 inches deep and 2.6 inches wide it is very compact. While not the most popular Taser body worn cameras, these are still very effective.

Taser body worn camerasThe most common Taser body worn camera system is the Taser Axon Body 2. It is a small box that clips onto the officer’s shirt. It has unlimited HD video, wi-fi offload, dual audio channels, and wireless capabilities. The battery in the Taser Axon Body 2 will last for over 12 hours.

Taser is also making police car dash camera systems to help record serious incidents. Featuring an automatic activation the Taser Axon Fleet features also has HD video. A huge benefit of the Taser Axon Fleet is that it costs 50% less than other police car dash camera systems out there. Thus resulting in agencies saving more money and be able to purchase more of the Taser dash camera systems.

Taser Review


As you can see from this Taser review, Taser offers a lot of great products. To recap, Taser International has been manufacturing electronic control devices since 1993. Since then, they have always been the leading manufacturer of tasers and body worn cameras. Not only for the law enforcement but also the public. With the growing demand of personal protection from dangerous individuals, any product from Taser International is well worth it.