An important piece of police equipment is handcuffs. That’s why Peerless Handcuff takes their products so serious and is able to make some of the best handcuffs. Rated as some of the best handcuffs, Peerless handcuffs are used daily by thousands of officers . Learn all about their history in this Peerless Handcuff review.

Peerless Handcuff Company has been manufacturing handcuffs since 1914. James Gill, a Police commissioner at the time, founded the company. Based out of Massachusetts, Peerless strives on being a family business. Peerless Handcuff Company manufactures handcuffs, waist chains, let irons, and handcuff keys. Law enforcement officers used Peerless handcuffs on a daily basis by law enforcement.

Peerless Handcuff Company was one of the pioneers in the handcuff industry. They patented the design early on and handcuffs became extremely popular. As time passed and the original patent expired, other manufactures soon began duplicating the Peerless handcuffs. Peerless handcuffs had a reputation of being the best even though there was competition in the industry,

Up until the late 1950’s, Peerless Handcuff Company offered only one product, the standard Chain Link handcuff. In 1957 Peerless Handcuff Company came out with a lighter handcuff. Peerless only made 10,000 sets of these handcuffs. Seeing the need to build a stronger handcuff, Peerless manufactured a slightly heavier and stronger handcuff. This version of the handcuff was available until the early 1980’s.

In the early 1970’s, Peerless Handcuff Company expanded their product line and introduced Peerless handcuff reviewthe leg iron. This product was very helpful in the transportation of prisoners. 1981 was a great year for Peerless. After several years of research and development they introduced the hinged handcuff. The hinged handcuff increased the security level of the handcuffs and is still popular today. Also in 1981, Peerless Handcuffs introduced the waist chains. Together with the leg irons, the waist chains proved to be a safe and secure way to transport prisoners. In recent years, Peerless Handcuffs has added a more secure locking system, and improved construction of the handcuff to create a more durable and secure handcuff. We recently read another Peerless handcuff review written by a jail Deputy who stated they are durable and rated extremely highly.

Currently Peerless Handcuff Company offers several versions of handcuffs, waist chains, and leg irons. The handcuffs come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and locking systems.

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Peerless handcuffsThe Peerless 700 and Peerless 750 are the most popular chain link handcuff models. Both models have a chain connecting the two handcuffs. The chain makes it easy to maneuver the handcuffs during a struggle. The Peerless 700 and Peerless 750 are available in a nickel, penetrate, blue, red, pink, orange, and yellow color finish. The blue, red, pink, orange, and yellow finishes make the Peerless 700 and Peerless 750 stand out more resulting in them being lost less often. These two models have been in production for a while and proven to be a good handcuff.

When it comes to hinged handcuffs, Peerless Handcuffs has always produced some of the best. They currently offer the Peerless 801 and Peerless 850 in the hinged version. The theory behind hinged handcuffs is that they are more secure than chain handcuffs due to being more solid. This is done by reducing the amount of room the suspect has to move their hands and arms. The Peerless 801 and Peerless 850 handcuffs are 10% larger than the Peerless 700 and Peerless 750 handcuffs, thus allowing a Police Officer to handcuff larger hands with ease. As with the Peerless 700 and Peerless 750 handcuffs, the Peerless 801 and Peerless 850 handcuffs are available in a nickel, penetrate, blue, red, pink, orange, and yellow color finish.

Peerless Handcuff Review


If security is a premium, then the Peerless 710 and Peerless 7030 high security models is perfect for you. Both models feature a heavy duty locking system designed by Medeco locks and Assa Demo Company. These locks do not use a standard handcuff key. They have a special key similar to a pad lock key, yet more secure. The key locks are pick resistant and provide a high level of security perfect for high risk prisoners or transporting prisoners. The Peerless 710 is a standard size handcuff while the Peerless 7030 is an oversized handcuff. Both of the models are a chain link handcuff.

We have used Peerless handcuffs for many years and found them to be extremely secure. We have never had any issues with them and that is why we talk so highly about them in this Peerless handcuff review. Peerless Handcuffs was one of the leading innovators of handcuffs in the early 1900’s and continues to be the choice of many police officers today.