Founded in 1970, Second Chance Armor is a leading manufacturer of concealable body armor, ballistic vests, and external carriers for the law enforcement, government and security markets. The company focuses on comfort and wearability in its vest models. Thus, that is the reason why the Second Chance body armor are the most popular bullet proof vests worn. Read our Second Chance bullet proof vest review for more information on this life saving product.

Second chance reviewSecond Chance is part of the Safariland Group. The same company that owns Bianchi, ForensicsSource, and ABA. Thus, they are a leading manufacturer and distributor of police equipment including the best bullet proof vests you will find. With the companies great base of knowledge they are able to develop and manufacture great products keeping all law enforcement safe. Hence, the popularity of these bullet proof vests!

Second Chance currently manufactures three styles of ballistic vest systems. Those are: Summit, Prism, and Monarch. All three of them offer some great features and provide outstanding protection. Rather than offering numerous versions, they prefer to concentrate on these three and make them the best bullet proof vests you can buy.

Second Chance Body ArmorThe Second Chance Summit ballistic vest is a breathable, Gore Tex waterproof vest available for men and women. The vest offers a full wrap and max coverage pattern for added protection. As a result, there is over 5% more coverage than other bullet proof vests. The Summit ballistic vest is available in IIA, II, and IIIA threat protection levels. Also available is the Summit ST body armor. This body armor is a Kevlar hybrid that is extremely thin and flexible. Most of all, it provides a high level of protection.

The Second Chance Prism ballistic vest comes in three models. Those are the Prism, Prism MT, Prism Spike. Due to the high level level of workmanship and materials, all three offer an unprecedented level of protection. The Prism is made of woven aramid materials that are great for stab protection. The circular design provides the additional protection. The Prism MT is for a multi threat protection. Incorporated into this Second Chance bullet proof vest is Twaron Microflex. The Prism Spike is designed for stab protection and is very similar to the Prism. As a result of the protection they provide, all three of these models are well liked by corrections officers in other Second Chance body armor reviews.

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The Second Chance Monarch ballistic vest is manufactured with the patented ButterflyLite stitching that creates a very flexible vest. The Monarch 329 ballistic vest comes with water repellant panel coverings, but can be upgraded to Gore Tex fabric panel coverings. The vest offers a full wrap and max coverage pattern for added protection. The Second Chance Monarch ballistic vest is available in II and IIIA threat level protections. This is a very economical bullet proof vest. As a result, a lot of private security officers wear this body armor.

In addition to the ballistic vests, Second Chance manufactures two styles of a concealable carrier. Those styles are: Apexs and SPA2.

The Second Chance Apex carrier offers the maximum concealability. Made out of thermodynamic, anti-static, anti-microbial materials which increase comfort and prevent odors. The carrier is designed for quick and easy installation of the ballistic panels. In addition it can accommodate either a 5×8 or 7×9 threat plate.

The Second Chance SPA2 is the most popular body armor carrier. Made out of polycotton, the carrier features front and back tails to keep it tucked in better. The SPA2 also features a built in suspension system that holds ballistic panels securely in place.

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Bullet Proof VestsSecond Chance saw that not all the time do police officers want a concealed vest. There are some situations were external vests are better. As a result, Second Chance produces several different types of external vests. Those styles include vests equipped with the MOLLE system, firearms instructor vests, traffic control vests, heavy duty vests, quilted vests for comfort, uniform matching vests, and K-9 vests. Something new is the Second Chance Uniform shirt carriers. These body armor carriers are designed to be worn over a comfortable, breathable shirt. They basically replace the standard uniform shirt.

Just like all other ballistic vests, Second Chance’s body armor save lives. When a police officer puts on a Second Chance ballistic vest, they can have the confidence that they are wearing a fine product. We have worn Second Chance bullet proof vests for about 10 years and love them. Unlike a lot of Second Chance body armor reviews, our opinions are directly resulted from our wearing of them.