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Welcome to Police Equipment Reviews
police equipment Our website: Police Equipment Reviews was created by industry experts to help people find the best police equipment. We offer articles on a variety of law enforcement services and police gear. These include how-to articles, informative articles, and other police supply reviews. We've listed our favorite police supply resources and law enforcement gear products for those in law enforcement related fields. We hope you find our site useful!

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Sig Sauer P226
Sig Sauer P226- The Sig Sauer P226 is one of the best police guns. Many police officers, military, and federal agents carry the Sig Sauer P226. Police Equipment Reviews thinks highly of the Sig Sauer P226. Check out Sig Sauer P226 review out!   Sig Sauer P226

Best Raid Jacket- American Body Armor Xtreme
American Body Armor Xtreme Tactical Outer Carrier- The American Body Armor Extreme Tactical Outer Carrier is one of the nicest tactical raid vests that Police Equipment Reviews has seen. It should be in your police gear if you are plain clothes.   Best Raid Jacket- American Body Armor Xtreme

Police Baton Review: ASP versus Monadnock
Looking to purchase a police baton? Then take a look at this police baton review! In this police baton review, I'm going to discuss two different police batons from the two of the largest police baton manufactures, ASP batons and Monadnock.   Police Baton Review: ASP versus Monadnock

DeSantis Die Hard ankle holster
In this article, I will be doing an ankle holster review on my current ankle holster. DeSantis has been making ankle holsters since the 1970's. They are the leading choice of holsters for the FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and many police officers.   DeSantis Die Hard ankle holster

Streamlight UltraStinger flashlight
Streamlight flashlights are one of the leading manufactures of flashlights for law enforcement, fire, military, and civilians. Streamlight offers a wide variety of flashlights and a high level of customer satisfaction. Streamlight flashlights are very durable and have proven to be a great flashlight.   Streamlight UltraStinger flashlight

Police Scanners
Police scanners are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. Police scanners are very popular among police officers, civilians, and unfortunately criminals. It's important for police officers to understand how a police scanner works and some of the more popular / best police scanners. This article will discuss how a police scanner works and some of the best police scanners.   Police Scanners

Best Police Boots
With all the police boots that are available to police officers, it can be hard finding out which ones are actually the best police boots. In this review, I'm going to discuss three boots that I feel are the best police boots; Bates, Danner, and 5.11 Tactical boots.   Best Police Boots

Glock 19
Glock 19 handguns are some of the best police guns. As with all of the other Glock pistols, the Glock 19 is very accurate and reliable. The Glock 19 is a compact 9 mm gun used by many cops. Check out Police Equipment Reviews Glock 19 review!   Glock 19


Intoximeters- When it comes to the best alcohol detection devices; PAS devices, Intoximeters is right there. In this Intoximeters review we will talk to you about all the Intoximeters products including the Intoximeters PAS devices. Intoximeters!


ASP Batons
ASP police batons are one of the most popular pieces of police equipment carried by law enforcement officers. ASP police batons come in many styles and lengths. Not all states allow the public to carry ASP batons so it is important to check your state's law. In addition to police batons, ASP manufactures handcuffs. Baton Defense has been providing ASP defense products since 2002.   ASP Batons

Bates police boots
Bates Footwear- Looking for some of the best police boots? Then take a look at Bates footwear. Bates police boots are very popular and durable. Many police officers wear Bates boots on a daily basis. Police Equipment Reviews loves Bates boots!   Bates police boots

TatJacket Tattoo Cover Sleeve
TatJacket- TatJacket tattoo cover is a great resource for people who have tattoos and can't have them visible at work. Police Equipment Reviews wrote this TatJacket tattoo cover review so that you can see all the benefits of the TatJacket tattoo cover.   TatJacket Tattoo Cover Sleeve

Kershaw 1550 ST tactical knife
Kershaw has been making tactical knives since 1974. They are proud to offer a no hassle lifetime guarantee and are based out of Oregon.  Kershaw 1550 ST tactical knife

Stalker Radars and Lidars- Stalker Radar and Stalker Lidar are some of the most popular police radars and police lidars used. In this Stalker radar article, Police Equipment Reviews will give you an overview of Stalker. Stalker Radars and Stalker Lidars!   Stalker

5.11 Tactical
5.11 Tactical makes some of the best police equipment and tactical gear. Some of the police gear that 5.11 Tactical make are clothing, police uniforms, police boots and tactical gear. They are always highly rated in police equipment reviews.   5.11 Tactical

Beretta Firearms
Beretta Guns- Beretta makes some of best guns. Beretta has a long history and strong foundation. In this Beretta review, Police Equipment Reviews is going to cover all the Beretta firearms including the Beretta pistols and Beretta shotguns. Beretta guns!   Beretta Firearms

ASP Handcuffs
ASP Handcuffs- ASP makes a wide variety of police equipment including police handcuffs. What started off as a company being known only as ASP batons, ASP handcuffs are considered some of the best handcuffs. Read this ASP handcuffs review for more info.   ASP Handcuffs

5.11 Tactical Light for Life flashlight
When it comes to police equipment, 5.11 Tactical is taking the market by surprise. All of the 5.11 Tactical products are highly rated in police gear reviews. Their newest product, the Light for Life is going to make a run for the best police flashlight.   5.11 Tactical Light for Life flashlight

What is a MOLLE system?
In this police equipment review we will learn more about the term MOLLE and what kind of police equipment is considered MOLLE gear. We will also take a look at some of the manufacturers that make police equipment to see who offers the best MOLLE systems for use with a variety of police equipment and duty gear needs. Whether you are new to the industry or just trying to find the best MOLLE gear to meet your needs, read this police equipment review to learn more.   What is a MOLLE system?

American Body Armor
American Body Armor is one of the leading manufactures of body armor and raid vests. American Body Armor is worn by many police officers and considered as some of the most important police gear and police equipment. America Body Armor is worth buying.   American Body Armor

Bianchi International
Find info on Bianchi International - manufacturer of Bianchi holsters; including the AccuMold and AccuMold Elite holsters, duty belt gear, concealment gear, police equipment, and more. Bianchi International is a leading producer of holsters and police equipment gear.   Bianchi International

Equipment Websites
These are some of Police Equipment Reviews favorite websites and internet resources that are related to police equipment , police gear, and cop gear!   Equipment Websites

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